Who are we?

Our institute was established by the approval dated 20.06.1962 of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1962 in Diyarbakir  in order to develop and solve the problems of Southeastern Anatolia Region, which has a large agricultural potential.

After institute  continued its activities as Regional Agricultural Research Institute Directorate in the buildings of Technical Agriculture in 1963, than operatied in rental buildings of city center in 1964, finally  it moved to its present campus in 1974.
In the beginning institute was connected to the general directorate of agricultural affairs, but later it was connected to the general directorate of agricultural research. Than our directorate was been assigned to Center Institute in the additional lists of 639 numbered and 03.06.2011 dated​ delegated legislation​ of organization and tasks  of the ministry of Food,Agriculture and Livestock and it was reorganized  with the task of national and international research as GAP International Agricultural Research and Training center. ​


Our vision is to contribute to golobal and regional development differences of the region by raising the life standard of the people living in rural areas and prosperity as international research and training center model in the region. ​​


 Our mission is to contribute to capacity building,transferring and producing current technologies ,increasing income and agricultural production with research and cooperation projects and guarantee protection and equalitarian​ and effective  usage of natural resources by constructing agricultural bridges between research and development systems of  developing and developed countries. And also our aim is to be a model for other countries in the region  in terms of decreasing effects of global warming with studies to be conducted.