Department of Soil and Water Resources Management

The responsibility of the department of  soil and water resources is to ;

  1. - Develop the proper method and technology for efficency of water use in agriculture.
  2.  Conduct agricultural irrigation and field breeding studies,
  3.  Search for solutions to the problems of application institutes and manufacturers,
  4.  Determine essentials of sustainable field management to protect long term quality of soil and water resources
  5.  Protect and develop  soil quality
  6.  Conduct  Project on irrigation and drenaige and water supply networks and develop Technologies to operate and manage them , increase efficency of water use,
  7.  prevent pollution and determine factors of soil and water pollution,
  8.  Determine economic,acceptable and applicable soil protection methods to save water and soil resources from erosion effects,
  9.  Determine pollution factors of water and soil resources  and decontaminate,
  10.  Develop methods for soil mositure protection on site and decrease risk for agricultural production in arid area.
  11.  Compose proper technology and irrigation programmes for optimum water use in limited conditions,
  12.  Determine sustainable usage conditions of low qualified irrigation water,
  13.  Increase yield and infrastructure efficency for irrigated agriculture and storage investments by determining hydrologic properties of basins,
  14.  Search use possibilities of waste in agriculture without affecting its soil quality,
  15.  Construct and develop a laboratory, help other institutes
  16.  Determine possible changes of climate changes on vegetative production  and develop proper adaptation offers,
  17.  Determine primary search topics in the country , coordinate integrated projects and publish at least one refereed journal in search areas,
  18.  Publish seach results in turkish and english and conduct studies which will contribute to the institute scientifically in long term.
  19. Other duties assigned by the directorate.

Agricultural Engineer,Msc.

Betül KOLAY​
​Agricultural Engineer,Msc.​