Unit Manager: Mehmet DÜZGÜN (Chemist, MSc)​

Our Institute has a quality and Technology Labor​atory including microbiology laboratory,soil analysis laboratory,molecular analysis laboratory, chromatography laboratory,quality analysis laboratory,food analysis laboratory, ICP and mill room. 

In our laboratories we give research and analysis services by experts and experienced researchers.And the laboratory takes place in  agricultural research and development projects with private sector,universities and public institutions.​

​ Mehmet DÜZGÜN
Chemist, MSc​
 Belgizar ÇAM
Food Engineer, MSc
Agricultural Engineer
Sociologist/Veterinary Technician

Quality and Technology Laboratory

  • Our responsibility is to : 
  • Do integrated Project and programmes and provide every kind of    technic and administrative support to  this kind of projects
  • Research on detection offood nutrient values and increase of  its use facilities,
  • Research on organic agriculture and good agricultural practices,
  • Establish demonstrations in farmer conditions, organize common programmes,coordination with private sector and non governmental organizations,governmental institutes,province directorate,,
  • Organize national and international seminar,conference, symposium,congress,workshop,scientific meetings and training programmes etc. in technical area,
  •  Edit and publish research result  reports done by the institute,
  • Cooperate and coordinate with international institutes, governmental and private sector and non governmental organizations and  conduct R&D studies, prepare ,conduct and take place in research projects,
  •  Use information technologies and develop physical,humane and Project capacity,
  •  Research on social-financial issues,
  • Study on cost of production and investment of agricultural products and issues they are responsible for,
  • Research on solutions by evaluating problems of manufacturers and application institutes,
  • Study on increasing activities of working capital fund of the institute,
  • Other tasks assigned by general directorate of agricultural research and policy
  • Do integrated Project and programmes and provide every kind of technic and administrative support to  this kind of projects
  • Research on detection offood nutrient values and increase of  its use facilities,
  • Research on Food and forage processing Technologies and packaging(cereal-milk) ,
  • Research on quality and technology to find new solutions to processes,system/component/product regarding to food and forage industry, or contribute to breeding projects being conducted,
  • Do needed technological  and quality analysis for the projects conducted by our directorate with related project coordinators in our laboratory
  • Publish research results in english and turkish and make researches for scifientific development of the institute in long period.
  • Tasks assigned by the directorate.

Analyse List of Food  and forage  in Food Analysis Laboratory

  • Raw Protein Content (%),
  • Moisture (%) ,
  • Ash (%) ,
  • Color (L,a,b),
  • Soliable Solid Content (Brix),
  • pH,
  • Titreable Acid Content,
  • Dry Mater Content (%),
  • Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF),
  • Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF),
  • Total Antioxidant Activation (TEAC),
  • Total Flavonoid Content,
  • Total Phenolic Content,

 Instrument list of Food  Laboratory ​

Number    Instrument List     Model
1Fume HoodModkim
1Abbe RefractometerAbbeMat
1Hand RefractometerAtago 2110-W05
1Ice Maker  Scotsmnan
1Kjeldahl Nitrogen/Protein AnalyserBehr InKjel M
1Muffle FurnaceEnis
1Water BathHetotherm
1Color Analyser Minolta
1Milk AnalyserFunker Gerber Lactostar
1ADF-NDF AnalyserHanon F600


​Analysis of Chromotography Laboratory ;

  • Free Faty Acid Composition,
  • Volatile Faty Acid Analysis

Instrument list of Chromotography laboratory


Gas ChromotographThermo Scientific Focus
ScaleShimadzu ATX/ATY

Medicinal and aromatic plants and food are analysed as below;

Analysis list of Microbiology Laboratory

  • Antimicrobial Activity Tests (Agar Difussion Method)
  • Total Mesophilic Bacteria Count,
  • Total Yeast-Mold Count,
  •  Total Coliform/Fecal Coliform Bacteria Count

Instrument List of Microbiology Analysis Laboratory


Instrument Model
Otoclave Fisons
Microscops Olympus
Stomacher Seward
Colony Counter Stuart Scientific
Growth Chamber Wisecube
Incubator Wisecube
UV-C Reactor Gentra A.Ş.

Quality parameters of cereals are determined in cereal quality analysis laboratory.With this aim analysis below  are done:

Analysis List of Cereal Quality Analiysis Laboratory:

  • SDS Sedimentation,
  • Mini Sedimentation
  • Zeleny Sedimentation,
  • Color of Semolina
  • Dough Rheologic Properties
  • Gluten İndex
  •  Quality parameters of the products on the table  with NIT are determined.

Sound and weak gluten value of flour from wheat are determined by Gluten Index.

Product% Protein% MoistureHectoliter% Wet GlutenHardness% Starch% FatSedimentation
Durum WheatXXXX    
CornXXX  XX 
RapeXXX   X 


 Values of dough given below are calculated by  Ekstensograph;

  • Elongation Strength,
  • Elongation Ability,
  • Dough Energy ​

Values of dough given below are calculated by Alveograph ;

  • Swelling Strength,
  • Elongation,
  • Energy

Values of dough given below are calculated by  Farinograph;

  • Water Absorption Capacity,
  • Resistance of  dough to pugging,
  • Dough  Sability,
  • Dough softness

Sound and weak gluten value of flour from wheat are determined by Gluten Index.

Instrument list of Quality laboraotry

      Instrument ListModel
Fume HoodModkim
Gluten İndexYücebaş
ShakerŞimşek Labor teknik
Sedimentation Shakerİka Ms 3 Basic


Soil Analysis and methods :

pHpH meter (1:2,5 soil-water extract )
Structure %saturation paste and  Bouyoucos Hidrometer
Salinity %EC (1:2,5 soil-water extract )
Lime (CaCO3)%Calcimeter
Organic matter%Walkley- Black method
Total nitrogen%Kjeldahl method
Useful phosphor (P2O5)kg/daOlsen method spectrophotometric
Useful potassium  (K2O)kg/daFlamefotometric
Micro nutrient analysis PpmDTPA (ICP) method
Field capacity %ceramic pressurized  insulator
permanent wilting point%ceramic pressurized insulator
bulk density of soil g/cm3 
Moisture % 

Instrument list of soil analysis laboratory

Instrument Model
Fume Hood Modkim
Ultra-pure Water Purelab
Conductometer Hanna
Flame Fotometer FP 6410
Scale Denver Instrument
Spectrometer Hitachi U-1800
shaker GFL-3020
pH Meter InoLab WTW 720
Hot Plate Sybron/ Thermolyne 2200
Calsimeter Scheibler
Field Capacity-Wilting Point   

Some DNA based genetics characterization studies are carried out in  Molecular analysis laboratory. With this aim processes below are done;

• DNA isolation

• DNA concentration arrangement,

• DNA reproduce by PCR,

•Determination of DNA and protein based band patterns by  electrophoresis

•Qualitative and  quantitative analysis of bands from electrophoresis by gel scanning instrument

Instrument List of Moleculer Analysis Laboratory

Fume HoodModkim
Deep FreezeWiseCryo Wsd
Gel ImagingVilber Lourmat
Aceptic CabinAroze White
Horizontal ElectrophoresisThermo Scientific   OWL A2
Microwave Oven Beko  MD1610
Water BathHetotherm     BWB


Qualitative and  quantitative analysis of elements included in soil, forage and food in ICP laboratory.

>Micro element analysis
> Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu),Zinc (Zn), Mangan (Mn)
> Macro element analysis,
> Potassium (K), Sodium (Na), phosphor (P)

Instrument list of ICP room

Number ınstrumentBrand
1ICPThermo Scientific Focus
1MicrowaveMilestone SK-12


Milling processes of cereals and oily seed are done in mill room.

 Instrument list of mill room

Number InstrumentBrand
1Flour MillEker
1Semolina mill Eker
1whole-wheat flour mill Perten 3100
1Oily seed milling Perten 3303
1Roller Mill Yücebaş