Department of Production and Operation

Head of Department  :  Mahmut TANTEKİN ​(Agriculture Engineer)

Our mission is to :

- Manufacture  certificated qualified original seed of varieties developed as a result of breeding studies in coordination with related departments

-Monitor and result certification of the varieties manufactured in elite and original level,

-Monitor and result processes including sowing,cultivating,harvesting,selection and storage,​

-  Plan manufacture,

- Plan meeting demand and agreements done with seed production firms.

Agricultural Engineer, MSc.

Erkut CİHANGİR​​ ​
​Agricultural Engineer, MSc

İhsan AKÇA
Agricultural Technician

Our department  produces its certificated seed,registered seed by breeding with  the seed law no 5553 in borders of our institute. In this scope  our department is responsible for stages from soil prepaaration to putting on it to market.

Our aim is to balance seed demand and need by producing according to demand of TIGEM and other private sector organizations by the contract of seed production and marketing right  and provide usage of seed in borader area. Varieties which are not demanded are excluded from the list of production  with regards to opinions of breeding unit. Instead of these varieties new registered varieties are taken to the list of production. Fırat-93, Sarıçanak-98, Şahinbey, Eyyubi, Artuklu, Zuhre and  Güney Yıldızı, bread wheat varieties; ; Cemre, Tekin ve Dinç, barley varieties; Şahin-91, Altıkat ve Kendal,red lentil varieties ; Fırat-87, Çağıl and  Tigris, chickpea varieties ; Arda and  Diyar-95  are produced now. Also, new registered variety Kale(durum wheat) and Hasanbey (durum wheat) will be produced 2016-2017 production season​.

Soil Tillage 
Weed pesticide
Collecting weed by hand 
Wild spica management
Seed  treatment
Treated seed