Department of Training and Extension

Department Manager: Mehmet Emin VURAL (Veterinarian)

Within the coordination of all departments our mission is to :

-Determine the priority in national and international level,organize training programmes and coordinate them,

-Organize national and international seminar,conference, symposium,congress,workshop,scientific meetings and training programmes etc. in technical area,

-  Cooperate and coordinate with international institutes, governmental and private sector and non governmental organizations and  conduct R&D studies, prepare ,conduct and take place in research projects,

- Use information technologies and develop physical,humane and Project capacity,

- Establish demonstrations in farmer conditions, organize common programmes,coordination with private sector and non governmental organizations,governmental institutes,province directorate,

-  Edit and publish research result  reports done by the institute,

-  Organize (BAV-BBAV) meetings and brokerages, and report them,

-  Prepare training programmes,journals,brochures and etc..

- Study on information Technologies and communication. Prepare a database,edit and update web site ,coordinate network business

- Other duties assigned by the directorate.


​Industrial ​Engineer
Agricultural Engineer
Yılmaz ÖNLÜ



​​ ​

1Gülan ÖZTÜRK100. Yıl UniversitySoil and plant nutrition.
2Erhan GÜLTEK100. Yıl UniversitySoil and plant nutrition.
3Pelin Dilan DEMİRALP100. Yıl UniversitySoil and plant nutrition.
4Yavuz KESKİN100. Yıl UniversitySoil and plant nutrition.
5Sultan ÖĞEOK100. Yıl UniversitySoil and plant nutrition.
6Sevgi SÜMERLİ100. Yıl UniversityHorticulture
7Merve OTAY100. Yıl UniversityHorticulture
8Mazlum ERDEM100. Yıl UniversityField crops
9Yayha KARATAŞ100. Yıl UniversityField crops
10Mehmet TOPRAK100. Yıl UniversityField crops
11Sonay YAŞAAdıyaman KAHTA M.Y.OMedical and aromatic plants
12Gurbet ZENGİNAhi Evran Universityv.Agricultural biotechnology
13Salih BİLMEZArtuklu Universityve.Kızıltepe MYOSeed production 
14Hamza BİÇİCİBatman University M.Y.OFood Technologies
15Tubay CANDANBingöl UniversityHorticulture
16Vural LALEBingöl UniversityField crops
17Abdurrahim DOĞANÇanakale UniversityAgricultural biotechnology
18Ayfer SİNCARÇukurov University.Pozantı MYOField crops
19Elif GÜLÇukurov UniversityField crops
20İrem BAĞYAPANÇukurov UniversitySoil and plant nutrition.
21Baver DEĞERÇukurova UniversityHorticulture
22Mehmet Şahin AKALANDicle University.Tarım M.Y.OOrganic agriculture
23M.Sıdık BAYRAMLARDicle University.Tarım M.Y.OGarden agriculture
24Hakan Baran KARAKAŞLIDicle University.Tarım M.Y.OGarden agriculture
25Sinem AKYOLDicle Universityv. Bismil M.Y.OOrganic agriculture
26Ruken TİMURTAŞDicle Universityv. M.Y.OSeed production
27Aynur ŞAHİNDicle University.Field crops
28Kübeyra YILMAZDicle University.Field crops
29Güllüzar TEKİNDicle University.Field crops
30Muhsine CANDicle University.Field crops
31Sema DUMLUPINARDicle University.Field crops
32Yusuf TANRIVERDİDicle University.Field crops
33Yunus SOLMAZDicle University.Field crops
34Nuriye ÖZBEYDicle University.zootechnics
35Saliha AYANDicle University.Zootekni
36Helin ÖNENDicle University.Zootekni 
37Mekiye ERELEge UniversityField crops
38Helin ATANEskişehir.University.Zooteknik
39Emre AKKURTEskişehir.University.Horticulture
40Mahsun İLDENİZEskişehir.University.Horticulture
41Meryem KARABULUTHaran University.Field crops
42Tuba KARABULUTHarran UniversityField crops
43Derya OGANHarran UniversityField crops
44Mukamet TURGANHarran UniversityField crops
45Damla Pınar ŞİMŞEKHarran UniversityField crops
46Ebru ÇİÇEKHarran UniversityField crops
47Fırat TÜRKOĞLUHarran UniversitySoil and plant nutrition.
48Muhabbet Merve ARAÇHarran UniversityHorticulture
49Kadir BENEKHarran Universityagricultural equipments and machinery
50İdris AKTAŞHarran Universityagricultural equipments and machinery
51Zuhal METEİnönü UniversityHorticulture
52Büşra HİZARCIKaramanoğlu Mehmet bey ünFood engineer 
53Ruken ALPŞENMalatya University Battal gazi MYOhorticulture 
54Eda DEMİRMersin University.Food engineer
55Ceylan YILMAZMustafa Kemal University.Field crops
56Demet ATMACAMustafa Kemal University.Zootekni
57Mehmet ORUÇMustafa Kemal University.Horticulture
58Ramazan ÇARANSelçuk University.Sarayönü MYOGarden agriculture
59Sadun ÖNEMSelçuk UniversityversetesiField crops
60Öznur ÖZENSütçü imam.University.Soil and plant nutrition. ​


Congress Proceeding Book is published. You can download the Proceeding Book from the following link.

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Name of TrainingDuration (Day)Starting dateEnding date



The number of traineesTraining PlaceTrainers
cattle fattening114.10.201414.10.2014Veterinarian, health technician10GAP International Research and Traning CenterAHMET KARATAŞ,ŞAHİN TEZ,
Lamb care and raising 115.10.201415.10.2014Veterinarian, health technician10GAP International Research and Traning CenterNALAN AKÇA,YAVUZ HAN,
Care of cattle fattening before after birth 116.10.201416.10.2014Veterinarian, health technician10GAP International Research and Traning CenterNALAN AKÇA,YAVUZ HAN,
Ostrüs Senkronization in sheep 113.10.201413.10.2014Veterinarian, health technician10GAP International Research and Traning CenterPOLAT İPEK,BIRUSK KESKİN,