Safflower harvest field day was organized

29.07.2016 / View : 1845 / Archive

    One of the main duties of research centers directed by the ministry of food,agriculture and livestock is to develop new variety,study on cultivation methods and transmit this study to stakeholders. Field  day was organized to inform farmers about safflower  growing and sawing time and introduce aspir varieties developed by research centers of our ministry ((Remzibey-05, Dinçer, Balcı, Olas and Linas) within the Project  of ''transmitting cultivation of safflower on proper conditions and cultivation methods to Diyarbakır'' conducted by our institute and the ministry of food,agriculture and livestock and supported by the  training and extension department. Students,instructors of Dicle University,agricultural consultants, farmers,our staff and staff from the directorate of food ,agriculture and livestock attended the day organization.