Symposium and Scientific Meetings


First National stocking and Reservoir Management Symposium from 7-9 February 2006. The Institute has organized two conferences, including the National Water Days in 16-18 May 2007.

First National stocking and Reservoir Management Symposium

To First National Symposium on stocking and Reservoir Management participated academics from various universities in Turkey, DSI and 150 person, including researchers and other relevant employees of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. During the symposium were discussed issues related stocking and reservoir management (46 reports, 15 posters), at the end of the symposium organized a panel discussion

National Water Days 2007

National water days that traditionally every year, brings together researchers working on fisheries are organized in Antalya between16-18 May 2007 . During the meeting 134 papers were presented in five main sections, living resources (75 reports), technology strategy and non-living resources (7 reports), water pollution and environmental quality (22 reports), aquaculture (17 reports), biotechnology (13 papers). The meeting have joined a total of 200 people, including, academics from several universities, DSI and researchers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other relevant people.

International Meetings

Between 11 to 14 December 2007, "Assessment of inland waterway of Aquaculture and Fisheries Status and Development Process in the Central Asian Countries " for the purpose of studies was conducted in the Institute Beymelek unit. From Turkey and in 6 countries in Central Asia a total of 34 person participated in workshop.

Our institute has taken on the task of assistant the international conference names listed below.

9 to 18 November 2007 International Meeting of the Commission for the Protection of Atlantic Tuna Fish

21 to 28 May 2008, the European internal Fisheries Advisory Commission (EIFAC) Meeting

13 to 17 October 2008 Akdeniz General Fisheries Commission (GFCM) Meeting

07-09. Aralık.2011 GFCM-SAC-SCS "2nd Transversal Working Group on by-catch

3 to 7 December 2012 Health Management Workshop on Aquaculture​

3 to 5 November 2016 FABA ​International Symposium on ​Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences