The fundamental aim of MEDFRI is to increase knowledge and experience of own staff and fisheries communities within the responsisbility area as well as to improve the sector level at national and international levels with novel arrpoaches and methods. Other objectives are listed below;

  • Developmentof sustainable fisheries models and methods
  • Conducting basic research investigations on limnology and ecology in marine, brackish and freshwater environments.
  • Monitoringecosystems and regional fish health,
  • Development of management models for natural and dam lakes,
  • Investigation of new species for aquaculture,
  • Determination of nutritional values of local raw materials and alternative feeds,
  • Publishing the results of scientific research in peer-reviewed journals and scientific meetings,
  • Organizsation of congress, symposium, workshop, seminar and conferences,
  • Providing farmer with healthy juveniles of marine and freshwater fish,
  • Improvement of breeding values of existing aquaculture species,
  • Keeping the pulse of fish farms and fisheries cooparations in the region in terms ofeconomic and technical aspects,
  • Performing a high standard fish stocking and stock enhancement,
  • Development of selected lines of ornamental fishes to reduce external dependencies,
  • Educating and training fisheries and aquaculture personnel on the present legislation, new technologies and approaches,
  • Provision of anambition of own staff to increase the level of questinioning and knowldege