Arama 1 Researh Vessel

ARAMA-1 Vessel was served in 2014 as a Research and Control Ship in the presence of its Directorate with the qualifications of equipment and technology that can also operate in international waters.

The ARAMA-1 Vessel​ is 32 meters long, 8 meters wide, 294 Gros tons with 4 meters of draft. There are two 588 KW main engines and two 107 KW auxiliary machines on board. There are 4-9 crew members and 14 to 9 researchers, depending on the voyage zone, which is capable of 13 knots at full load.

Via ARAMA-1 Vessel​, the institute can do primarily responsible projects for the sustainable use of fishery resources in the national and international waters of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.​

To monitor and determine the pollution situation of our seas; Physical, chemical and biological properties of sea water will be examined.​