Institute routine work related to the farming of fish and shellfish in the seas and inland waters to make the production of new species. Applying treatment for fish health, nutrition, fish disease diagnosis; to make aquaculture activities for ornamental fish, and provide production facilities for new species, also will be used to stoking species for production.


A- Marine Fish and Shellfish Production ( Beymelek )


B- Internal Aquatic Production (Kepez and Ulupınar)

Planning weekly monthly and annual programs within works together with lower units.

Preparing monthly activity reports to increase motivation. Resolving to Requests of Chiefs of lower units within the plan. Maintaining coordination between Coordinators and lower unit Chiefs via the weekly selling reports and feed, material and other technical requirements.



Institute entered into the field of activity in localities ( coast , seas, lakes , dams and rivers ) to analyze the scope of work required for hunting and fishing technology research project is to develop appropriate methods to hunt the said localities. Making necessary work for the establishment of fisheries management. Also processing, food safety, food quality, is to perform the necessary work on the control and biotechnologies.


To study all kinds Sea, lake and river ecosystems; water quality and water pollution, biodiversity, the impact of farming on the environment, endangered of extinction and , oceanographic , ecological indicators, invasive species , coastal land use , harmful algal blooms , the sustainable management issues, seek solutions to the problems identified and achieve the information is to inform about the place.




Is conducting Responsibilities of the Institute and carried out by the Directorate of manufacturing activity research on fish health parasitic and bacterial and fungal provides diagnosis and treatment of disease.


Preparation of the Institute's annual program and determination of strategies, tracing of the programme details and project targets, create of databases, especially analysing of the benefit/cost of the production which is made. Additionally observation of the general fishery statistics, evaluation of this datas, making reports from this datas, to detect and to examine of consumer behaviours in certain localities. Making stuides about the marketing,evaluation of the price changing in sector in economic concepts.​