Marine Fish

"Beymelek Lagoon Aquaculture Project" (ENG / 87/029 / B / 01/12) was implemented atBeymelek Central Unit with a cooperation agreement signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) on May 11, 1988. After the completion of production facilities, a trial production of sea bass and sea bream fry was performed in 1994. With anaim to reduce fry collection from the wild, the project played a pioneering role in development of private sector initiative through production practicesand employment of temporary technical staffduringthe years of 1994 and 2000.Production quantity of the institute was remarkably increasedin 2006by a reinforcement of hatchery facilities and a transition to photoperiod applications. A further attempt witha joint production aggreement with the private sector reduced the cost of juvenile production. By using Institute's Techniques and facilities of breeding larva and suitable water source quality of Private sector, Production capacity was increased and cost of fry production was decreased. In this way market opportunities have been found for fish fry. Presently there are 59 ponds and fiberglass tnaks for broodstock maintenance and spawning, live feeds, larval rearing and adaptation.​