• Our Institute aims to limnological and ecological studies, in marine, brackish and freshwater environments.
  • Performing monitoring activities and projects are needed by ecosystems.
  • Making efforts to create lake management models in natural lakes and reservoirs,
  • Enrichment population and rehabilitate sources with bioecologic studies in lakes and rivers.
  • Monitoring of regional fish health,
  • Make efforts to gain the cultivation of alternative species,
  • Study to find out nutritional quality of national fish feed raw materials and alternative feeds
  • Establishing the necessary laboratory investigation in a healthy manner for all of these studies,
  • Planning and carrying out research projects on issues of national or even international in cooperation with the regional industry.



  • Publishing the results of scientific research topics listed above in qualified journals or taking them to several scientific meetings at national or international platform to discuss and publicize.
  • Organize Congress, symposium, workshop, seminar and conferences, contribute to the enrichment of scientific debate by participating in them.​