Carp Production and Stocking

The main production activity infreshwater is carp. First production attempts began with broodstock of German origin in 1981 using the semi-controlled methods.An incubation unit of 20 zugar bottles was set up in 1992for a trainsition tofully-controlled production method.After successful results, the unitwas enlargedto 100 bottles in 1994. A heating system was included in the systemto control incoming water temperature in 1998.The hatchery was renovated and an experimental unit with recirculation systems was established in 2010.

The majority of carp produced in theinstitute is usedto stocking the sources determined by provincial directorate within "Turkey stocking the Inland Waters Project". Fish fry and broodstock demands of private sector are also met.

The institute held "First Fish Stocking and Reservoir Management Symposium" In 2006 as an establiment that made fish stocking fro almost 30 year to discuss the stocking activity with aparticipation  of universities, research institutes and ministry provincial directorates. At the end of the symposium, it was decided that juvenile scaled carp (10-15 cm) which is naturally occurring variety in the sources is used in the stocking instead of mirror carp.


In routine carp larval culture practices, 100-600larvae per m2are stocked to adequately prepearedponds and survival rate range between 30 and 60%.

Number of scaled and mirror carps used in stocking are given in the figure. Production and stocking images are given below.​