Education and Publications

Education and Publications: Preparing and implementing training program packages for the researchers and publishers of our Ministry, coordinating training for sector stakeholders, implementing and implementing programs on student internships, organizing national and international meetings, performing the necessary tasks in performing activities on public relations with information processing, library services, and press organizations. (b) to prepare the briefings and presentations on the institution, to update them every three months, to carry out the updates related to the corporate web page, to organize the editorial and publication processes of the routine publications (magazine, etc.) on behalf of the institution.


Head of Department: İbrahim ÖZDAL - ​Fisheries Engineer(MSc)

Technical staff list:

Çiçek UKİŞ - Fisheries Engineer

İpek ARPACIK - Biologist

İsmail ERBATUR - Agriculture Engineer,  MSc.

İsmail Hakkı ÖZTUNA - Veterinarian

Muhammed Mustafa SEZGİNER - Veterinarian

Selman ŞAPCIOĞLU​​ Molecular Biologist,  MSc.

Süleyman Oğuz KORKUT -​ Aquaculture Engineer,  MSc.