Aquaculture Department Introduction: To do routine work about aquaculture of inland water fish and Crustacea which commonly farmed species,  to do production of new species for farming of fish, to apply of research results and newly developed techniques in fish & shellfish production; to do research in Fish health and nutrition issues; to do ornamental fish breeding work and the production of new species; In addition to do routing and monitoring for production of species will be used for reintroduction.

Head of Department: Dr. Kamile Gonca EROL - Fisheries Engineer, MSc.

Oğuz Yaşar UZUNMEHMETOĞLU-Fisheries Engineer, MSc.

Abdullah DEMİR - Fisheries Engineer

İsmail ERBATUR - Agriculture Engineer, MSc.

Mustafa ERGÜN- Fisheries Engineer

Remziye ÖZKÖK- Fisheries Engineer, MSc.

Mehmet PAZAR - Fisheries Engineer, MSc.