Ecology and Resource Management

Environment and Resource Management Department Introduction: To do all kinds of work about water quality and water pollution, biodiversity, the impact of farming on the environment, endangered of extinction and, oceanographic, ecological indicators, invasive species, coastal land use, harmful algal blooms, the sustainable management issues in the lake and in the river ecosystem,  seek solutions to the identified problems and to share the information obtained.

Head of DepartmentDr. Vedat YEĞEN - Aquaculture Engineer,  MSc.

Technical Staff List:

Mehmet CESUR - Aquaculture Engineer,  MSc.

Dr. Burcu BOZOVA - Food Engineer,  MSc.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Meral APAYDIN YAĞCI - Aquaculture Engineer, MSc.

Belgin BABAR YOLDAŞ - Environment Engineer, MSc.