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Agricultural Irrigation and Land Reclamation

Research activities on efficient and sustainable irrigation management have been carrying out in the Department of Agricultural Irrigation and Land Reclamation. The main responsibility of the department is to carry out research projects about water consumption of crops grown in East Anatolian Region, irrigation water requirements, irrigation methods and the other subjects deal with agricultural water use and/or drainage. The other task is to provide the knowledge, data and irrigation techniques for investor institutions, farmers and farmer organizations. 

Research Topics:

• Improvement of suitable irrigation methods and technology for efficiency water use in agriculture,

• Determination of suitable irrigation methods and programs for the optimum water usage by precision and deficit irrigation,

• Defining the results of marginal water use such as domestic waste water and drainage water in agriculture,

• Investigation the automation practices on pressurized irrigation methods, (surface, subsurface drip irrigation and spring irrigation)

• Investigation the quality and level of ground water for irrigation area and its effect on soil and plant, 

• Determination of the criteria for drainage projects, which are the main objects of planning and operating of drainage systems, in field, drain lysimeters and laboratory conditions,

• Improvement of the fields which have salinity and/or alkalinity problems and reclamation of these fields for agriculture,

• Determination of daily evapotranspiration of crop growing in a weighted type lysimeters and comparing the measured crop reference evapotranspiration with the estimated evapotranspiration using commonly used empirical (evaporation and transpiration values are measured directly from soil and plant surfaces, affecting factors of these values are investigated and then amount of reference evapotranspiration is calculated by using empirical models).

• To analyze irrigation water, waste water and to conduct microbiological analysis for the water used in agricultural process, and also to evaluate the water according to the criteria of irrigation water.




Staff Of Department 


​Dr. Salih EVREN    Agricultute Engineer             ​Tel:  0(442) 327 14 40 -41​​ /2117 

Erdal DAŞÇI          Agricultute Engineer ​ M.​sc​​    ​Tel:  0(442) 327 14 40 -41​ /2132 

Dr. Taliip TUNÇ           Agricultute Engineer ​ M.​sc​​  ​  ​Tel:  0(442) 327 14 40 -41​ / 2133

Erdal GÜNEY  ​       Agricultute Engineer ​ M.​sc​    Tel:  0(442) 327 14 40 -41​ / 2137


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Ongoing Projects


1- Determining Seasonal Evapotranspiration of Alfalfa  (Medicago Sativa L.) Grown İn Weıghted Lysimeter

2- Effects of Different Water Deficit Conditions and Different Nitrogen Doses Using Subsurface and Surface Drip Irrigation System on Yield and Quality of Silage Maize

3- Determining of the effect to water consumption and yield of strawberries of surface, sub-surface and plastic mulch applied surface drip irrigation systems, in deficit irrigation conditions​


Resulted ​Projects


1- Determine grass daily evapotranspiration with a weighing Lysimeter and  compare the measured values  with grass reference evapotranspiration obtained by the estimation method, 2012

2- Effects of Different Irrigation Regimes on Vegetative Growth, Fruit Yield and Quality of Young Apple Trees

3- Using Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria Increasing of Water Stress Resistance in Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

4- Consumptive Water Use and Nitrogen-Irrigation Relations of Tomatoes With Drip Irrigation System in Igdir, 2004

5- Some Spatial variability of soil content in salt-and sodium-affected areas of the Igdir plain Using Gs+ ,Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 2003

6- Consumptive Water Use of white cabbage in Erzurum, 2002

7- Consumptive Water Use of Alfalfa in Erzurum, 1998

8- Consumptive Water Use of Fresh Been in Erzurum, 1998

9- Consumptive water use of Tomatoes in Igdir, 1995

10- Consumptive water use of Corn in Igdir, 1995

11- Consumptive water use of Wheat in Igdir, 1995

12- Consumptive Water Use and Nitrogen-Irrigation Relations of Sugar beets in Igdir, 1991