The 2nd Living Labs of the SCOOP project (Core Organic) was held in CRIFC

1.06.2022 / View : 331 / Archive

​2nd Meeting of Living Labs (LLs) of the SCOOP Project (Developing intercropping systems with camelina to increase the yield and quality parameters of local underutilized crops), in the scope of Core Organic which is a subproject of ERANET, Horizon 2020, carried out at the Central Research Institute of Field Crops' (CRIFIC), Research and Application Farm, Haymana/Ikizce on May 31st, 2022. Participants were available at the event from public, universities, private sector and organic agriculture farmers. A detailed information was given about the SCOOP project from the national coordinator, Dr. Reyhan BAHTIYARCA BAGDAT, and the superior aspects of intercropping systems were compared regarding mono culture applications, in details during the event. Afterwards, Core-Organic experimental areas were visited (both autumn and spring sowing applications). The demonstration area of intercropping buckwheat and camelina sown at the previous event was also visited by the participants.