Soil and Water Resources Department

The aim of the Soil and Water Resources Research Department are to do qualified research projects that can supply the requirements of Turkish Agriculture, solve problems on soil and irrigation systems of the agricultural enterprises, and make an economic contribution at both regional and national level.

Within the scope, to research the methods for efficient and sustainable use of soil and water resources, alternative methods for effectiveness of fertilizers and soil conditioners on crop yield and quality, new models to integrate new technologies, land degradation and desertification based on climate change, soil and water pollution problems and soil microbiology, to produce data for the demands to carry out national and international research studies, to publish the research results, to perform catch-up works for the farmers and policymakers and to support the Ministry according to research and policymaking through concentrating on some activities like in-service trainings, seminars and courses are the missions of the department.

The department consists 4 units:

1. Plant Nutrition and Soil Management Research Unit

2. Climate Change and Watershed Management Research Unit,

3. Irrigation and Land Improvement Management Research Unit,

4. Mechanization and Information Technology Management Research Unit.

Generally research subjects of the Department:

1. Defining the agricultural policy at watershed level and produce projects for shaping future policies.

2. Determining the difficulties in agricultural production and offering solutions by developing -problem oriented- new projects for the farmers.

3. Carrying out research projects such as rural development, sustainable agriculture, environment etc.

4. Doing activity or comparative analysis for crop yield.

5. Doing research on agricultural education and extension to reach the research results of new technologies to the producers; to participate in these researches conducted by other departments/units.

6. Carrying out researches on irrigation techniques, fertilizer and soil regulators.

7. Doing projects to develop irrigation methods and irrigation mechanization.

8. Working on R&D project in the area of agricultural mechanization to get effective and confidential results in order to farmers could use new technologies in economic way.

9. Doing research on alternative usage of mechanization and energy methods for agricultural productivity.

10. Calculating the operating value of agricultural equipments and machinery.

11. Doing research on renewable energy and power saving methods and new technologies that can be adapted in agriculture.

12. Making economic and feasibility analysis of new technology obtained from the research results.

Climate Change and Catchment Management Unit

Agricultural Irrigation and Land Reclamation

Plant Nutrition and Soil Unit

Agricultural Mechanization and Information Unit