Climate Change and Catchment Management Unit

The main assignments of our department are conservation and development of soil and water resources at watershed scale and carrying out the researches in order to take advantage of these resources sustainably; determining problems such as desertification and drought by the reason of the climate change and making management and conservation plans for future actions to be taken in our country; performing the management implementations to mitigate the factors which threaten the natural resources in watersheds.

Within the scope, ceasing and reducing degradation processes of natural resources and lands that ongoing in time; conserving and developing the productivity and the quality of soil, underground and other sources and doing all without detriment to the integrity of ecosystem are the principles of Climate Change and Watershed Department. 

Research subjects

  • Determining and monitoring effects of land degradation in watersheds,
  • Determining the erosion control measures in watersheds,
  • Influence of soil quality parameters on conservation of soil and water resources 
  • Determining hydrologic and morphologic features of watersheds,
  • Measuring of precipitation and flows coming to the water storage constructions, determining their characteristics, determining the effect of land use on the watershed water productivity,
  • Determining watershed hydrologic models by using precipitation and flow data,
  • Researching erosion risk in watersheds,
  • Comparing the methods of erosion risk assessment, producing the erosion maps and  monitoring and researching watershed moisture regime and water retention,
  • Researching applicability of the models to predict the sediment yield and measurements,
  • Researching the most appropriate water harvest methods to determine the effects of plant development,
  • Researching the effects of climate change on the natural resources,
  • Researching meteorological and agricultural drought and
  • Researching the most appropriate methods to predict regional drought.

Summary: Soil and Water Conservation, Climate Change, Water Erosion, Wind Erosion, Watershed Management, Land Use Planning, Desertification, Land Degradation, Modelling, Geographic Information Systems, Geostatistics.

Projects conducted:

Investigation of Relationships between Cover Management factor with LAI and NDVI in Different Land Uses

Projects participated:

The Determination and Monitoring of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Soil Moisture and Soil Roughness Using Microwave Satellite Images

Determination of Plant Nutrition Status and Potential Toxic Element Contents of Eskişehir, Kutahya and Bilecik Provinces Soils, Preparation of Soil Data Base and Soil Maps.