Agricultural Mechanization and Information Unit

The research topics of unit briefly;

1. Working on R&D project in the area of agricultural mechanization to get effective and confidential results in order to farmers could use new technologies in economic way.

2. Doing research on alternative usage of mechanization and energy methods for agricultural productivity.

3. Calculating the operating value of agricultural equipments and machinery.

4. Doing research on renewable energy and power saving methods and new technologies that can be adapted in agriculture.

5. Doing research on tillage, sowing, planting, fertilizing, maintenance, irrigation, harvest and post harvest mechanization.

6. Doing research on management and planning of agricultural mechanization.

7. To do research on determination of agricultural mechanization problems and solutions and the possibilities to put forward.

8. To conduct research related to the development of agricultural prototype machine.

9. Doing research on the geographical information system and remote sensing techniques for using in agriculture.

The concluded projects in Unit:

1. Determination of Biothermal Power Capacity of Some Agricultural Compost Varieties.

The continuing projects in Unit:

1. Investigation Electric Power Production and Utilization Facilities of Wind and PV System Assisted Solar Energy for Agricultural Irrigation of Eskişehir Region.