Agricultural Economics Department

​The department has prepared and evaluated projects related economical aspects of production and marketing of all horticultural crops in Turkey so far. In these studies, original data obtained and evaluated by national and international statistics at macro level and surveys conducted by the farmer and other actors.

National and international production, consumption and trade values and production techniques, input use levels, income–expenditure conditions and production costs are put forward in product level studies.

Supply and demand conditions of the products, the annual price changes, farmer's problems, social and cultural data of population engaged in agriculture were collected and determined.

At the end of the research programs data about the problems transferred to researcher who works in other disciplinary branch and provided data resources for the decision–making organs to create national agricultural policies and projections. On the other hand, work agricultural producer organizations and their expectations from agricultural establishments and their cooperation are determined.

Beside the projects on grapes, fruits, vegetables and ornamentals plants, the Department has recently initiated projects on medicinal and aromatic plants and natural flowers in Turkey.

Additionally, studies related to food industry are also being undertaken. In these studies, the situation of raw materials demanded by the food industry, contract farming in horticulture, and the evaluation of Turkish food industry under the issues of integration with the European Union. Impact assessment study of research activities is other responsibility of the Department.