Viticulture Department

The Department of Viticulture mainly works on table grape and kiwifruit. For this purpose, the department conducts scientific research, production and training studies to solve the problems of the growers. In addition, the new varieties, clones and genotypes breeding materials developed are being transferred to growers and nurseries.

Feioa (Feijoa sellowiana) and kiwifruit plants were introduced to Turkey by Viticulture Department. As a result of the study of the department, kiwifruit production spread rapidly in our country and its production approached 50.000 tons. It is expected that production will double in the near future with increasing interest. Also in 2020, the 10th international kiwi symposium will be held under the coordination of the Viticulture Department.

The department, which has been working on table grape breeding for many years, has started to focus on resistance breeding in recent years. Joint projects with both Germany and South Korea have begun to be implemented.

Kiwifruit breeding studies have begun to give their first results. New kiwifruit cultivars with different flesh colour, including tropical flavours and high yields, have begun to be produced after breeding studies of department.

The facilities provided by the biotechnology laboratory started to be used by the department and positive results were started to be obtained with the marker-assisted selection in the breeding studies.

So far 12 grapes and one kiwifruit cultivars have been registered by Viticulture department and transferred to Turkish growers. This number is expected to increase in the near future.