Postharvest Physiology and Mechanization Department

​Postharvest Physiology Department determine the storage potential and conducting research programs, selected, developed and suitable for production fruit, vegetable and ornamental plant species and cultivars which were developed at the end of the breeding studies. The Department determine the product quality and storage effects of the cultural processes, maturity standards for species and cultivars, effect of before and after storage applications on storage period and quality.

In general, research studies mainly concentrated on measures, methodology and techniques in the prevention of postharvest losses of horticultural crops. The main objective is satisfied in the end by finding the conditions most suitable for storage, packaging, and transportation. Research programs cover pre–cooling and pre–storage application for fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants at cultivar level to extend shelf life. Reducing the Physiological disorders and losses resulted from pests and fungal diseases are closely studied with the collaboration of the other discipline branches.

Department works on suitability of new cold storage technologis to Turkey and on the applicability conditions of the country section. Deparmtnet also contributes to develop on modified and controlled atmosphere storage at product level, air and mechanical cooling storage, special fumigation and ripening techniques. The summarized information, trials and demonstrations which are introduced and expanded to the producers.