Carvacrol Rich Oregano Cultivar is Registered as ‘ULUĞ BEY’

13.04.2023 / View : 226 / Archive

Within the scope of the project 'Origanum vulgare var. hirtum Breeding Studies at Central Anatolia Region', (TAGEM/TBAD/Ü/18/A7/P6/396), carried out by the Medicinal Aromatic Plants Unit at Field Crops Central Research Institute, Origanum vulgare var. hirtum candidate variety, which was developed via clonal selection and submitted to registration under the name Biga18, was registered as 'Uluğ Bey' at the registration committee meeting on March 7th, 2023 with the participation of the Head of Department Dr. Reyhan BAHTIYARCA BAGDAT. Uluğ Bey, which is adaptable to Central Anatolian Ecological conditions, blooms late, grows upright (82.8 cm plant height on average), and does not lose its herbaceous structure easily. Uluğ Bey contains an average of 6.2% essential oil and 76.53-82.1% carvacrol. In one growing season, 1695 kg/da green herb, 678 kg/da drug-herb, and 272 kg/da drug leaf yield are obtained from a single harvesting, from a three years old plantations.