Vegetable Production Department​

In different vegetable/mushroom species, in order to breeding and agronomy research and development projects identify, apply and conclude, build reports on issues related to, in interdisciplinary R & D projects that are needed in departmant to work on. Effective and rational way to take advantage of public and other research funding to offer resources and facilities. Cooperate with national and international level in similar institutions and programs. Other duties and activities, assigned by the management of the Institute, carry out. The first organic vegetable seed production in Turkey was performed by our Institute. 
Basic duties and responsibilities of the department;
  • To manage, apply and conclude of R&D projects
  • Developing strategies for vegetables/mushrooms needs to work on the changing and evolving technology and make interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Improved by our Institute's vegetable/mushroom species, preserving varietie's properties to ensure continuity
  • Improved by our Institute of vegetable species and varieties, producing rootstock seeds with the department of production and operating for seed company to ensure supply
  •  Demands or the projects that have been carried out within the framework in vegetables/mushrooms perform training activities
  • Conformity to ensure department's of work done in the organization's mission, vision and core values