Harvest and post-harvest education programs continues in Niğde and Karaman provinces.

18.10.2021 / View : 316 / Archive

Harvest and post-harvest education programs in apples organized by the Konya Plain Project Regional Development Administration were held on 10-11-12 October in the provinces of Niğde and Karaman, practical training was given by Agricultural Engineer Msc. Atakan GÜNEYLİ to employees in the sector such as producers, harvest workers, transporters, cold storage house operators, cold storage house workers and sergeants.

In Nigde, producer gardens such as Ali GÜLTEKİN, Muzaffer YILMAZ, MTK Agriculture Firm management producers of apple orchards in Dündarlı and Çamardı regions where Amasya apple population was produced intensively and MEVA Food Cold Storage houses were visited.

In Karaman, Nadide Agriculture Firm and Yıldızbaş Agriculture Firm Management, producer's orchards and Erikli Cold storage houses were visited. Karaman Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, Director of Karaman Chamber of Agriculture, Director of Apple Producers Union were participated in the educations and visits were held in Karaman.

During the visits, both on-site educations were given and information was exchanged.