Vision and mission


 Vision of the Directorate of Eğirdir Fruit Research Institute is parallel with the vision of our Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture And Forestry;

-Carrying out national and international research and development studies focused on the solution of problems in the agriculture of the country's fruit, vineyard, vegetable, ornamental plants, medicinal and aromatic plants,

-Breeding and developing new plant types and varieties which have high-yield and quality, resistant to diseases and pests, suitable for consumer demands,

-Being in good position in international agricultural research and development by using modern agricultural technology at the highest level in the development of the research and development system,

-Developing systems that are sensitive to environmental protection and climatic factors correlated with Research and Development activities,

-Improving cooperation between project owners who  do the researches on the same subject by collaborating with universities, public and private sector at national and international level,

-Increasing our international market trade power by developing new economy and marketing strategies by manipulating the country's agricultural production potential,

-Developing the technological and social structure of the institution for educating and training qualified research and development and having personnel with high scientific experience and abilities,

 -Organizing scientific meetings such as seminars, conferences, congresses at high technical level,

-Broadcasting and publishing the results of research and development activities to the concerned persons and institutions,

-Contribution to the production of certified seedlings by producing healthy, correct base material according to the research results,

-Being a strong, reliable and respectable research institution in national and international agricultural level.


Our mission is doing and applied scientific research in the light of developing technologies with expert staff to be used in all regions of Turkey, especially in the temperate climate and the passage  concerned with fruit, vineyard, vegetable ornamental plants, medicinal and aromatic plants; in a wide range of subjects such as aquaculture, breeding, physiology, postharvest technologies, phytosanitary, soil and water resources, organic agriculture, agricultural economy, food science and technology, genetic resources, biosystems, agricultural machinery, agricultural biotechnology. We aim to make important contributions to the development of our country in the field of agriculture by publishing and announcing the results of the researches to the public and private sector officials through written materials and scientific meetings.