“From Ancestor to Grandchild, From Bud to Fragrance: Rose and children”

28.06.2021 / View : 325 / Archive

​The project named "From Ancestor to Grandchildren, From Bud to Fragrance: Rose Child" had been presented to the The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) 4004 Nature Education and Science Schools Support Program by Fruit Research Institute was determined to be supported. It is aimed for the target audience to "structure their knowledge of how agriculture is interconnected with science, engineering and technology and their relations with society, environment and economic processes in a scientific framework" with the project. At the end of the project, students will learn agricultural science; it is expected that they will learn from a different window within the framework of values, skills and competencies by integrating them with different disciplines and daily life and increasing their awareness of choosing a profession in the later stages of their lives. Institute Director Dr. Şerif ÖZONGUN; said that "I think that this and similar projects will make important contributions to the training of quality human resources that Turkish agriculture which we will need in the future. I thank the project leader Assoc. Dr. Emel KAÇAL I would like to thank Msc. Agricultural Engineer Fatma Pınar ÖZTÜRK, Master of Landscape Architect Rafet SARIBAŞ, Scientist Güllü DUMAN YEGEN and all our valuable educators who contributed to the planning of the project." In addition, those who believed in the project and gave their support; the strength they contributed to the project and the contributions to Gülbirlik (Rose Oil Cooperative) the Provincial Directorate of National Education, the Eğirdir District Directorate of National Education, the Eğirdir Public Education Directorate, the Eğirdir District Police Department, the Eğirdir Community Health Center Directorate and the Güneykent Municipality. Thank all you for the motivation. Detailed information about the project will be given on the project web page in the future.