New Pear Varieties Tolerant To Fire Blight Disease

14.06.2021 / View : 599 / Archive

 "Fire blight disease" is one of the most important disease limiting pear cultivation both in Turkey and in the World. Although there is no effective control of the disease; the chemicals which are used for prevention from it, are quite expensive and harmful to human and environmental health. The disease limits production and causes supply problems in the pear market. Producers pay high pesticide prices to prevent from the disease. A long-term breeding project has been carried out by General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies's Fruit Research Institute (MAREM) since 2006 has contributed to the solution of the problem. The registration of 6 new pear cultivars breeded within the scope of the "Pear Variety Breeding Tolerant to Fire Blight Disease" project has been completed in 2021 year. Studies on the development of more information on varieties has been going on intensively.


Name of the variety Harvest time
MarSalda  Mid of August
FiRest   Mid of September
SevenMid of September
Dönen-CEarly October
GökdemEarly October
ArTroyaMid of October