Institute settled on 2 separate work offices (block-A and block-B), service buildings, conference hall, and cafeteria, laboratories (Physiology Laboratory, Plant Health Laboratory, Food Laboratory, and Tissue Culture Laboratory) consists of sections.

The total asset of our company land: 325 decares (168 decares the Erbeyli - centre- land, 32 decares the Incirliova - male fig - garden, and 125 decares of the fig orchards in the Umurlu). And there are fig processing plant, 2 greenhouse, and 400 m2 anti-insect greenhouse units.

Poultry production area as: growing house unit (2000 chicks -cage), Layer hens unit (3000 hen -cage), Broiler trial unit (2000 chickens - unit), Organic trial court (450 chicken - unit), Feed, feed additives, instruments and equipment storage, Slaughterhouse, Laboratories ​(feed, meat, bone, blood and egg analysers)

Also there are tools, equipment park, minor case maintenance and repair place and garages,