About Us

We are a public institution, which established for to solve dried figs problems of our country fig growers and beside make useful scientific studies. Based near the Erbeyli village of incirliova district in Aydin province as named "Erbeyli Fig Breeding Station" and eventually began its operations in the year 1938.

At the beginning, institute has met the needs of seedlings for fig growers in regionally, later on, 70% of figs saplings alongside 20% olive saplings, 10% of pistachio, apricot and plum saplings were produced mainly. But, then because of water restrictions fruit species except figs have been removed.

Since 1957, in parallel to the development of our country's poultry sector institute began to work in poultry field, in order to ensure the spread of effective genotypes in regional development criteria.

Since then, institute continues to work figs and poultry issues on regularly. 

Mission; to provide economic, social and environmental benefits to Turkey through concluding high quality agricultural researches that meets the country needs. 

Vision; became an institution which contributes to figs to improve the agricultural technology that the country needs, perform competitive R&D systems national and international level, enhance to standard of living in rural livings, and assist to agricultural policies.​


Our principles (Research Strategies); To consider the demands of target audience, to help solve the problems encountered by agricultural sector, to make effort to enhance the capacity of R&D, to encourage the participation in research activities, to give priority to problem oriented, well-attended and multi-disciplinary projects, to improve research database and to monitor and evaluate the projects regularly, to transfer the results of the research to the users.​