Ongoing Projects

Item No​​Funded​ byProject NameProject LeaderTime Frame​​​​​​​
​1​TAGEM​Apricot Genetic Sources Research Project​Nedim GÜLTEKİNPerpetual​
​2​TAGEMCollecting, Protection and Assesment of Cornelian Cherry Genetic Resources​Tahir MACİT​Perpetual
​3​TAGEM​Collecting, Protection and Assesment of Hawthorn Genetic Resources​Makbule YANAR​Perpetual
​4​TAGEM​Collection, Conservation and Evaluation of Mulberry Genetic Resources​​Murat PALA​Perpetual
Collections and Maintanences of Grapevine Genetic Sources of Malatya, Elazig and Adiyaman ProvincesHasan KOÇ
​6​TAGEM​Determination of Appropriate​ Grape​vine Rootstock for Some Local Grape Cultivars in Malatya Conditions​
​Hatice ŞAHİNER ÖYLEK​2014-2018
​7​TAGEMCompilation of Traditional Viticulture Techniques in Malatya Region​Tahir MACİT2014-2016​
​8​TAGEM​Clonally Selection Studies in Banazi Grape Varieties​Hasan KOÇ2014-2018​
Breeding of Local Pear Varieties through Selection in Malatya Region - I
​10​TAGEM​Investigating Efficacy of Noval Entomopathogens Against Capnodis tenebrionis in Apricot Orchards in Malatya​Talip YİĞİT2013-2015​
​11​TAGEMClonal Selection in Apple Species of Karamehmet and Arapkizi​Tahir MACİT2013-2017​
​12​TAGEM​Evaluation of Drying Criteria, Antioxidant Capacity and Aroma Profiles of the Appropriate Drying Type and Cultivar on National Apricot Genetic Resources​Mustafa KAPLAN2013-2014​
​13​TAGEM​Application of Edible Coating Tecnique on Sulfur Free Dried Apricots Dried Under Controlled Conditions​Yüksel SARITEPE2013-2017​
​14​TAGEM​Investigation on Usage Possibilities of Clonal Rootstocks in Hacıhaliloglu and Kabaasi Apricot Cultivars​Sezai ŞAHİN2012-2016​
​15​TAGEM​Selection of Seedling Rootstock for Apricot​Hatice ŞAHİNER ÖYLEK2012-2015​
​16​TAGEMClonal Selection of Malatya Dalbasti Cherry (Step 1)​Erdoğan ÇÖÇEN2012-2016​
​17​TAGEM​The Effect of Different Planting and Training Systems to Fruit Yield and Quality at Plum Growing (Malatya Location)​Erdoğan ÇÖÇEN2011-2015​
​18​TAGEMAssignment of the Suitable Soil Cultivation Systems in Apricot Growing​Sezai ŞAHİN2010-2014​
​19​TAGEM​Clonal Selection of Hasanbey Apricot Varieties​ (Malatya Location)​Selçuk AVCI2015-2019
​20​TAGEM​Table Apricot Cultivars Development through Selection​Cemil ERNİM2015-2019
​21​TAGEM​Clonal Selection of Kabaasi Apricot Varieties​Selçuk AVCI​2015-2019
​22​TAGEM​Investigation of Yield and Quality of Deveci and Tosca Pear Varieties Grafted on Some Clone Rootstocks on Different Training Systems (Malatya Location)​Nihat ÖZKAN​2007-2014
​23​TÜBİTAK​Developing of Drying, Sulphuring and Storage Systems to Produce High Quality Dry Apricot​Bülent ÖZTÜRK2014-2020​
​24​TÜBİTAK​Kayısıda Yeni Bir Kök Paraziti Olan Mavi Çiçekli Canavar Otunun (Orabanche ramosa (L)) nin Kayısıya Etkilerinin ve Mücadelesinin Belirlenmesi​Makbule YANAR​2013-2016
Development of Production Input Methods for Evaluation of Organic Crop Production (Development of Organic Apricot Sapling Production Techniques)​
​Sezai ŞAHİN2013-2017​
​26​BÜGEM​Dissemination of Modern Apricot Growing Techniques​Ahmet ASLAN​2012-2015
​27​KAİM​​Improvement of the Table and Dried Apricot Cultivars with Cross-breeding​Selçuk AVCI2007-2017​