Our Tasks

Regional Task Area: All areas apricots grown of the country

Task Issues: Fruit (mainly apricot) growing, viticulture, plant health and soil-water resources;

  1. Improving new varieties, lines, yield and quality, increasing  resistance to disease, harmful and negative ecological conditions with breeding and cultivation techniques in line with market demand while perform these tasks, basic and applied researches carry out by using new techniques and the technologies like biotechnology. 
  2. Improving efficiency in agricultural pest control and plant nutrition with agricultural mechanization and information technology, precision agriculture techniques or early warning systems and carrying out researches concerning harvest and post-harvest to reduce product losses.
  3. In order to ensure the protection of biodiversity in the task areas and sustainable use of plant genetic resources collection, conservation, identification, culturing when necessary and do studies on the subject for use in breeding programs.
  4. Carrying out applied researches on apricot drying techniques.
  5. Registering the varieties and lines developed as a result of breeding studies and ensure the continuity of breeding material.
  6. Establishing the parcels 1 and 2 for their own cultivars to be used in certification, protecting plants’ base materials, and supplying qualified propagation material to plant nursery owners
  7. Carrying out researches on control methods of the apricot pest and diseases
  8. Developing suitable methods and technologies to effective use of the water in agriculture
  9. Investigating the effects of plant nutrients and soil improver on soil fertility and quality, and improving the proper fertilization techniques.
  10. Monitoring the vegetation, observing, collecting data in apricot growing and making suggestions to prevent possible crisis to decision makers by creating reports including yield estimation in growing and harvest periods.