​Some German generals who came to Malatya Province to teach Ottoman Empire Amry different training methods in 1830-1840s stated in their notes that Malatya filled with fruit trees of many species. German Prof. Dr. W. Gleisberg, director of the Higher Institute of Agriculture established in Ankara, undertook efforts to learn the horticulture potential of Malatya under the influence of German generals note. Gleisberg sent assistant chief Lutfi ULKUMEN to Malatya to do doctoral studies. Ulkumen found more clearly out the horticulture potential of Malatya by his works conducted in 1933 – 1936. Whereupon, our institution was established in 1937 in cooperation with Turkish – German as "Apricot Station". Our institution after serving under different names and structures, finally it was named as "Apricot Research Institute” in 2015 and is serving under the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policy of The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

1937 - 1946 Apricot Station

1946 - 1960 Horticulture Station

1960 - 1971 Trail Station

1971 - 1974 Trail and Growing Station

1974 - 1986 Apricot Research Station

1986 - 2011 Fruit Research ​Institute​

2011 - 2015 Apricot Research Station

2015 - ... Apricot Research ​Institute​