Medical and Aromatic Plants Unit

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants work has started in our institute 2003.The department was established in 2007.

Collection of medicinal and aromatic plants from nature, cultivation, conducts research for the adaptation and improvement of farming techniques,  collection and conservation of genetic resources, Research is carried out in all kinds of issues cultivation (site selection, soil preparation, planting, seeding, irrigation, fertilization, pesticides, etc.) of plant species studied under the project.

The result of the improvement works carried out in department 2 Cumin (Egebir 09, Turkmen 09), 1 black cumin (Çameli) and 1 saffron (Karaarslan) varieties have been developed and registered.


Projects being carried out in the department;

1.The Effects of mutation breeding and irrigation on saffron and corm yield on saffron plants (Crocus sativus L.), TAGEM.

2.Transitional Regional  Medical and Aromatic Plant Genetic Resources, TAGEM.

3. National Cumin Breeding Research, TAGEM.

4. Anise Breeding Project, TAGEM.

5. Transitional Regional Vegetable Genetic Resources, TAGEM.

6. North - West Transitional Region Important Some Herbs Research. TAGEM