Vegetable Unit

Seed production is done these species/varieties:

Tomatoes: H-2274

Pepper: Çetinel-150, Ilıca 256, 11B-14

Beans: 4F-89 Fransız, 85 Ferasetsiz, Kırkgünlük, Sazova 1949 Pazaryeri Boncuğu

Radish: 8T-17

Onions: Valanciana, Tuncay

Peas: Sprinter

Cucumber: Beith Alpha

Melon: Sarıdilimli



  • Pumpkin Breeding (Project manager: Dr. Sali FİDAN)
  • Hybrid Spinach Breeding-I, Characterization of National Spinach Genetic Resource and  Improvement of High Quality Pure Line (Project manager: Dr. Sali FİDAN)
  • Improvement of Local Vegetable Varieties - Breeding of  Koçaş Eggplant by Selection (Project manager: Dr. Sali FİDAN)
  • Development of New Onion Type and varieties from Eskisehir Onion Populations (Project manager: Zir. Yük. Müh. Şule SARIÇAM)
  • Determination of hybrid potential of carrot germplasm resources in Turkey (Project manager: Zir. Yük. Müh. Nurten LÖKOĞLU)
  • The Effects of Storage Method, Root Size, PlantingInterval on Seed Yield and Quality in PurpleCarrots (Daucuscarota L.) (PhD Thesis) (Project manager:  Zir. Yük. Müh. Nurten LÖKOĞLU)

Prominent Researches:

1.         Pumpkin Breeding:

Turkey is the center of origin for some Cucurbitaceae species and most pumpkin species in Cucurbitaceae family is produced in Turkey without any difficulty. In Turkey, pumpkin seeds have been used as dry fruit, like some other fruit species, and also in chocolate, candy, bread and pastry industries. Provided that pumpkin domestic and foreign material is used in the projects. Implementation of the project 5 of spontaneous generation selfing will be continued and the resulting hybrid varieties obtained from pure lines.

An example of the enormity of seeds, enclosure of easy allure of a good and high-yielding varieties candidate / candidates is intended to develop thanks to research. In addition, the product can be watered to spread to a wider area farmers who are in search of alternative crops in large areas will also be offered as an additional option in this regard.

2. F1 Carrot Breeding:

The use of the seed of hybrid cultivar for carrot production in Tukey has reached to 90% and this hybrid carrot cultivar seed has been imported from abroad.

The objective of this study was to develop the carrot hybrid varieties with high yield, high quality and resistance to diseases. Selfing studies are continued for obtaining inbreed lines.

In this reseach project, potential to convert open  pollinated cultivars collected from Turkey and abroad to hybid cultiavrs will be determined. Petalloid cytoplasmic male sterility has been preferred because it is easy to observe male sterility from the morphology of carrot flowers.  Therefore, for hybrid seed production, maintainer lines has to be identified to propagate male strile female parent.  Altough maintaner lines are male fertile and produce functional pollen,  when they crossed with male sterile female lines, F1 plants will remain male sterile.

3. Onion Breeding:

Onion is one of major vegetables that are grown in different parts of the world and are consumed in many different ways. Dry onion is grown for over 4000 years, it has an important share in our country's vegetable production. At the end of the project; it aims the development of new varieties, fulfilling the demand of manufacturers, having high yield, homogene structure and  generating resources for future breeding programs.