HRI Background

Hazelnut Research Station was established in 1936 to improve the hazelnut production in the Black Sea Region.​Hazelnut Research Station duty ​area has been expanded as all hazelnut production areas since 1952.​​

After the establishment  of  poultry unit in 1955, The station took Horticultural and Small Pet Station name​​
Land size, laboratory facilities and technical personnel has increased since 1963 and has become a favorable environment for research studies.​               

Until 1981. "Nut Research and Agricultural Vocational School" has continued its work under the name. After the closure of the Agricultural School, Institution's name was "Nut Research and Training Center Directorate.​

Leaf and Soil Analysis Laboratory, founded in 1982 recommended fertilizer to local producers.

At the end of the reorganization work done in our Ministry in 1987, "Hazelnut Research Institute" has been named.​

Hazelnut  many family's the only income source of is on and it's produce  on 540000 hectares land
Breeding, Growing Techniques and Technologies, Plant Health, Agricultural Economics, Food Technology, Department of Soil and Water Resources Agronomists 17 officers and two research continues to work with the Food Engineer.

Instute's duties;Country-level data collection and evaluation, and make fundamental strategic research,  genetic resources collect and preserve ,  organize training courses,  provide laboratory services to farmers and organizations​​