Multıcountry Observatıonal Study Mıssıon on Emergıng Models of Controlled-envıronment Agrıculture ın Japan.

31.7.2021 / View : 84 / Archive

An event called "Online Observational Study Visit on New Environmentally Controlled Agriculture Models in Japan" was organized by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), of which we are a member, between 27-29 July 2021. Mustafa Hakan BALCI, the technical staff of our Institute's Plant Pests Department, participated in the workshop where guests from Turkey, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam took part. In APO member countries,  presentations related to new approaches to increase agricultural productivity and stable food supply, introducing environmentally controlled farming models in Japan, including advanced greenhouses and plant factories, monitoring and control technologies to facilitate crop growth in a controlled environment were made by experts. The participants of each country made presentations about the challenges and opportunities of plant factory management in their country.