​Plant Protection Research Institute was established in Bornova, a small suburb of Izmir, one of the most important export/import gates and cities of Turkey, in 15 February 1931.

Nihat Iyriboz is the first and founder manager of the Institute. He was charged with the control of grasshopper outbreak occurred during World War I as grasshopper officer. After graduating his master degree in Germany, he founded the Institute when he was the Minister of Agriculture at the same time.

Bornova (Izmir) Plant Protection Research Institute has possessed its characteristic as one of the science centers by making progress since its foundation. Talented researchers have been charged and assisted in plant protection in Turkey and the World with their unforgotten service.

As time passed, some of these scientists have taken important roles in the establishment of other Plant Protection Research Institutes in different regions of Turkey, whereas some of them have been university teacher in Plant Protection Department in the Faculty of Agriculture, Ege University during its first years.

The first pesticide factory of Turkey has been established in Bornova and run by having contracted to the Institute for a while.

The station has rapidly developed and gotten strong. It has turn into an institute by taking the name "Plant Protection Research Institute". Afterwards, it was renamed as "Bornova Regional Plant Protection Research Institute" in 1969, by taking its regional capacity into account.

Under the frame of reorganization and reconstruction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs in 1986, the name of the Institute has once more changed into Izmir (Bornova) Plant Protection Research Institute, one of the four regional institutes established in Adana, Ankara, Diyarbakir and Izmir, Turkey. It has acted by depending upon the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs, directly.