Bee Health Department

​It is our department's responsibility to diagnose bee diseases and implement methods to combat these diseases, provide education on how to fight diseases and protection methods, conduct research and investigations on bee deaths, and prepare projects related to the subject. For this purpose, in our laboratory, diagnosis and counting of American Foulbrood, Nosema disease, both microscopically and molecularly (Apis cerenae), as well as the counting of Tracheal mites and Varroa mites are conducted.

Research conducted in our department includes:
Investigating the Presence of Tracheal Mites in Honey Bees Belonging to the Regions in Türkiye where Infection is Likely to Occur.
Investigating the American Foulbrood Spores and Antibiotic Residues in Basic Honeycombs Used in Türkiye.
Investigating the Level of Contamination in Colonies where Varroa Control has been Completed in the Eastern Black Sea Region.
Epidemiology of Nosema apis and Nosema ceranae in the Eastern Black Sea Region.