Honey bee breeding and biotechnology

​To plan and execute research projects on creating databases, genetic research, molecular-genetic research, bee breeding (selection and hybridization studies), breeding queen bee production, conservation of genetic resources, artificial insemination, biotechnology, morphometrics, and establishing a pedigree. To develop and work on artificial insemination units; to identify the characteristics that determine the quality of the queen bee and conduct all kinds of studies in this regard. To conduct breeding and operational inspections of queen bees.

To prepare/facilitate, implement, monitor, and evaluate projects related to the collection, conservation, and evaluation of bee genetic resources, and to ensure the preservation of breeding stock obtained from breeding studies.
To facilitate the development and adaptation of new models and technologies in the use of technology, and to organize industry meetings.
To conduct authorization, accreditation, and other standardization studies of relevant laboratories. To ensure the calibration of laboratory materials and the validation of methods.