Winter bread and Durum Breading program is started in 1926 when Institute Established. Until 1990 Sivas 111/33, Köse 220/39, Ankara 093/44, Sürak 1593/51 ve Haymana 79 bread wheatand Kunduru 414/44, Akbaşak 073/44, Çakmak 79 durum wheat Registreated most of them is selected local material.. After 1990 affords of breeding increased and 14' bread wheat (Gün 91, İkizce 96, Mızrak, Türkmen, Uzunyayla, Yakar 99, Bayraktar 2000, Eser, Aksel, Tosunbey, Zencirci, Atlı, Seval ve Kenanbey), And durum wheat 8(Çeşit 1252, Kızıltan 91, Altın 40/98, Yılmaz 98, Ankara 98, Mirzabey, İmren ve Eminbey) registered. These varieties have High Yield and Quality potential and resistant to disease and biotıc stresses of Central Anatolia. Institute also partner of International Winter Wheat Improvement Program(IWWIP) Which is Cooperation between Turkey CIMMYT and ICARDA. IWWIP has winter breading program and sends to material to 50 different country and 150 different agricultural research center and University. Wheat Breeding program started to use Doubled Haploid technic recently, which shortened breading procedure. Breeding division also is national coordinator of winter cereal of Turkey and gives Breeding course to private and government personnel national and international level.