Biodiversity and Genetic Resources

Turkish Seed Gene Bank (TSGB) was established recently in 02.03.2010 as a unit of Central Research Institute for Field Crops. The main aim of this foundation is conservation, collection and molecular-morphological characterization of plant genetic resources, especially genetic diversity of crop plants, their wild relatives and plants present and unique in the Turkish biodiversity. Turkish Seed Gene Bank consists of these units: Documentation, Seed Cleaning, Drying and Packaging, Seed Physiology, Cold Storage Rooms, Characterization, Production, Herbarium and Molecular Biology. Following procedures are applied in acception of samples to TSGB:

1- Documentation: Registration is the first step after acception of a sample in gene bank. Collections in gene banks are the genetic base for current and future breeding programs and a source of safety material for distribution to researchers and other users. Storage and conservation data of materials are documented in database which has been created for materials stored at gene bank.

2- Sample Processing: The processing of seeds or plant materials means the preparation of the samples to be stored. This is directly linked to the method of conservation. Seed processing is usually done in four main steps:

2.1. Seed Cleaning (Harvest room): Harvest room is used for cleaning of harvested materials from chaff and straws before drying process.
2.2. Seed Drying Room: Seeds are dried according to proper dessication conditions before storage progress in this room which can be controlled for temperature and humidity. Capacity of this room is 80m3.
2.3. Packaging Room: Materials which will be kept in cold storage room are vacuumed and packaged in this room.
2.4. Seed Viability Tests: Germplasm is usually tested for viability and monitoring.

3- Cold Storage Rooms: Cold rooms of TSGB consist of 2 long-term conservation, storage and warehouses (-18°C) (260 m3), 2 medium-term storage rooms (0°C) (260 m3) and 2 short-term storage rooms (15°C) (186 m3).

4- Characterization: Characterization which is performed for the purpose of future breeding studies is one of the most important step of gene bank works. Phylogenetics of material are determined and dublications are prevented with these works.

5- Production: Samples are systematically regenerated in the field, greenhouse and growth cabinets.

Plant material are stored as reference material after being pressed and prepared as herbarium material. The capacity of the TSGB Herbarium is 60,000 sample. 6142 samples exist in our collections.

Molecular Biology Studies
Molecular characterization and DNA Fingerprinting studies will be carried out in Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology.

Our Projects
1- Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources Project
2- Collection and Conservation of Local Ayaş Tomato Seeds in Ankara Province
3- A Floristic Study on Eğriova Plateau (Beypazarı-Ankara)
4- Determination of Morphological Characterization in Terms of Drought Tolerance, Quality Specialities and Yellow Rust Resistance of Some Local Durum Wheat Genotypes and Molecular Characterization of Some Commercial Varieties
5- Ex situ Conservation of Threatened Endemic Plant Species in Ankara Province
6- Characterization of some Barley Landraces and Wild Barley (Hordeum spontaneum) Populations for Thier Reactions against Scald and Net Blotch Diseases and Determination of the Pathotypes of These Fungi