Registration year : 1989

Owner Institution: Central Research Institute for Field Crops/Ankara

-Two- row
- Hulled
- Awned
- Long ear
- Bright white grains
-Plant height 90-100 cm.

Agronomic aspects:
Winter- Facultative growth habit,
Moderately resistance to logging
High tillering capacity
Mid-late maturity
Good resistance to head loss

Yield: 3.500-4.500 kg/ha (in rainfed conditions)

Quality : TKW: 40-42 g
Protein :11-13%
Grain over 2.5 mm sieve: 80-85 %
High biological value

Diseases : Moderately resistant to scald and barley leaf stripe.

Recommendation area: Arid and semi arid parts of Central Anatolia and Transitional region.