Agricultural Meteorology and Climate Change

Research projects about agricultural meteorology and climate change and the subjects concerning the interaction of these subjects are carried out. By these projects, information aimed at taking precautions for meteorological disasters are generated by determining agricultural crops and their sensibility to the climate change Meanwhile, the projects required in our country are carried out in World Meteorology Organization (WMO) standards. By these projects, background information is aimed to be presented to decision makers and farmers for giving the right decisions.

The studies concerning data validation and providing the sustainability of full automatic agricultural meteorology stations situated in agricultural areas in Center research institute and Keşan, take part in the area of responsibility of Agricultural Meteorology and Climate Change Department.

Research Subjects:

 - Determination of the effects of climate change on agricultural production

 - Modelling of vegetative production according to different scenarios by Plant-Development Simulation Models

 - Monitorization and determination of meteorological and agricultural drought

 - Determination of the actual evapotranspiration amounts of the plants

 - Determination of the effects of meteorological factors on plant development

 - Determination of the surface energy balances of the plants

 - Monitorization of carbon fluxes permanently and determination of the relationships between the meteorological variables

 - Tracking the soil water content permanently

 - Tracking the plant phenologies and determination of the chilling demands. ​