Historical Background

Establishment and Short History of the Institute

​     The institute was established in Kırklareli on a 343,5decare area with the 26 November 1980 approval of Obsolete Rural Affairs and Cooperatives Ministry in order to inform the farmers and the publishing units by providing irrigated farming techniques and soil conservation by researches. It was named as "Directorate of Atatürk Region Soil and Water Research Institute" as its establishment marked the 100th birth year of Atatürk.

        Directorate of the Institute has continued the studies under the name of "Directorate of Kırklareli Rural Affairs Atatürk Research Institute" under the General Directorate of Rural Affairs which was established with the rearrangement in the ministries in 1985. It continued its activities under the name of "Directorate of Atatürk Soil and Water Resources Research Institute" under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Agricultural Researches General Directorate as from March 16, 2005 with the 5286 numbered law. The name of our institute was then changed as "Directorate of Atatürk Soil Water and Agricultural Meteorology Station" within the province establishment,  directly reporting to the central organization, with the 639 numbered decree law about the governance and the duties of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry that was  published in the 27958 numbered Official Gazette, dated 8thJune 2011. Kırklareli, Edirne, Tekirdağ, İstanbul, Kocaeli and Çanakkale provinces are located within the research area.