Ongoing Projects

Developing Probabilistic Chilling Duration Maps of Thrace Region (2015-2017)

Determination and Monitoring of Meteorological and Agricultural Drought with Palmer Drought Severity in the Thrace Part of Marmara Region and Determination of Drought Vulnerability           (2015-2018)

Determination and Analysis of Albedo Values of Different Cultivars of Graminaes and Sunflower in Thrace Region (2014-2017)

Sensivity Analysis of Sunflower and Winter Wheat on Climate Change with Aqua Crop Model      (2014-2017)

Determination of Water Production Functions and Crop Water Requirements Components under Different Irrigation Methods in Paddy Cultivation

Effect of Irrigation Waters under Different Salinity Level on Yield-Quality Parameters of Tomato and Broccoli Plants Grown in Greenhouse and Soil Profile Salinity (2014-2017)

Determination of the Effect of Nitrogen and Parameters Used As Index in Nitrogen Fertilization Proposals of Sunflower in Dry Conditions on Water Usage Efficiency (2013-2016)

Determination of Plant Nutrient and Potential Toxic Element in Thrace Region Agricultural Soils, Constitution of Database and Mapping (2013-2016)

Determination of the Effect of Minimum Soil Tillage Methods on the Structure of Range Soil, Moisture Storage and Yield (2013-2016)

Planning, Development and Generalization of Precision Farming in Vegetative Production             (Kırklareli Province Sample) (Sub Project) (2016-2019)

Yield, Crop Forecast and Crop Chase in Some Strategic Crops Integrated Project (Sub Project)      (2015-2020)

Determination of the Quality of Water Sources of Thrace Region and its Examination in terms of Agriculture (2016-2019)

Adaption of the Importance of Irrigation Time and Amount of Cucumber and Head Lettuce Grown in Greenhouses to the Producers (Publishing Project) (2015-2017)​



European Union "IC AGRI Era Net Program" Smart Good Agricultural Practices (2015-2017)

Examination of the Methods for Determination of Multiplexed Plant Nourishment Element by One Extraction by Wheat Plant in Thrace Region (2014-2017)

Assessment And Monitoring In Application Environment (Soil, Water and Plant) and Related Food Products (Oil And Honey) Of Residue Levels Of Imazamox Herbicide From The Imidazolinone Group Used In Sunflower Cultivation In Thrace Region (2014-2016)