​Atatürk Soil Water and Agricultural Meteorology Research Institute Ethic Rules

For Staff:

1.       The staff has to trust their directors.

2.       The staff has to be evoked that they are important for the establishment.

3.       The staff has to complete the duty properly in time.

4.       The staff has to own the subjects and they have to contribute with their ideas.

5.       Work hours have to be duly respected.

6.       The staff has to know the regulations related to their working subjects and they have to be able to apply them.

7.       The staff should avoid prejudice.

8.       Prejudice against any staff should be avoided and everyone should be given the opportunity to show his/her skills.

9.       The staff should be keen for information sharing.

10.    Kindness and patience should be encouraged.

11.   The social solidarity has to be strong.

12.   The staff has to be receptive to cooperation and information sharing.

13.   Positive attitude should be adopted

14.   The directors and the staff have to attend another up to the end.

15.   Gossip should not be encouraged and allowed.


For the Activities:

16.   The communication between the staff has to be organized well.

17.   The staff needs to be honest.

18.    Job descriptions have to be prepared.

19.   The efficient usage of the sources has to be provided.

20.   The activities have to be clear and comprehensible.

21.   The decisions have to be taken in line with clearness and visibility principle.

22.   The directors and the staff have to trust each other.

23.   Laws and regulations should be followed.

24.    Objectivity should be adopted.

25.   Good team spirit has to be created.

26.   There must be activities to increase the motivation.

27.   Sharing and solution of the problems have to be provided by periodic group meetings.


For Administration:

28.   Activities should follow common reason.

29.   The directors have to treat the staff with a fair approach.

30.   The directors have to trust their staff.

31.   The staff should be positively approached to correct their mistakes and deficiencies.

32.   The directors must not behave politically.

33.   The opportunities of the establishment must be utilized fairly.

34.   The Directors need to be open to criticism, depending on the conditions.

35.   Rewarding and appreciation mechanism has to work.

36.   The directors have to visit the other staff time to time.

37.   The directors must not attribute the problem to all staff.