Food Technology

Our department operates in a collaboration with industry and universities to bring the olive and olive oil sector to the level of being able to implement new technologies in a contemporary understanding, to develop and enlighten the sector about this subject, to provide the sector to produce in a higher quality and in accordance with standards and the consumers to consume olive and olive oil  in better quality by improving consumer awareness on olives

Research activities based on project

  • Preparing and carrying out national and international projects,
  • Conducting analysis of the ongoing project,
  • Conducting joint studies with Universities, Institutes, Development Agencies, TUBITAK and similar institutions.

    Activities not based on Project
  • Preparing research, publications, articles, report related to Table Olive and Olive Oil Technology
  • To provide a participation with notification to seminars, courses given by the Authority or seminars organized by outside organizations for the same purpose
  • Other (intern training, preparation of expert reports, respond to the requests of the various people and organizations related to the sector )

    In our department, about table olives; the chemistry of table olives, table olives processing, packing and storage issues, about olive oil; oil chemistry, oil industry, refining, storage and packaging issues research studies are being conducted.

    Our department works in cooperation with other organizations and the private sector in the preparation and revision of Table Olive and Olive Oil Communique and Standards.

    Each year, with training courses based on manufacturers, craftsmen, technicians, engineers and industrialists, with our publications about olive and olive oil, with one on one interviews and phone calls the people about the subject are being illuminated.

    Our Olive Oil Laboratory served as accredited by the International Olive Oil Council in the years 1970-1992. Our laboratory studies continue to be accredited again both in Table Olive and Olive Oil analysis.

    Our department technical staff continue their participations to relevant meetings, courses, seminars and symposiums domestically and if possible in the abroad.

    After processing olives obtained from our station yard and the production, research and practice area in Kemalpaşa as table olives and olive oil, the evaluation, storage, packaging, labeling and offering for sale of table olives and olive oil are among the department's activities.